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Booking Process & Agreement

Before sending the deposit, please read all the conditions carefully and send your email to [email protected]
containing some information about your booking request!
1. Information for contact – name, country of residence __________ ___________,
hotel name, dates of your stay, email and telephone number in international format +____________________.
2. Information about the event – date and time. _______________________
3. Desired locations __________________________
4. Desired package __________________________
5. Your budget __________

After we send you a confirmation of your booking, please, transfer the deposit through the website.
We require deposits only for 3 + hour packages. After the deposit is received by Happyimagescyprus,
you will receive an email to finalise confirmation of the details.

Customers will meet at the agreed location +/- 5 minutes of the agreed time.
If there are any problems or delays from our or your side, we have to inform each other.
Please keep your phone charged and with you before the meeting.
If any side does not appear at the agreed location within 30 minutes (this is the maximum waiting time)
or do not contact the other side – the deal is off. If the reasons for the delay is good,
we could change the date of the appointment depending on the majority of the problems.
If the lack of appearance is from your side and there is no reasonable explanation for the delay,
the deposit is kept as a compensation for our time. If the mistake is done by us,
we will return the deposit to you if we cannot finish the job, if so, we will help you find another professional.
We are not responsible for bad weather conditions. We could try to change the appointment for the date,
but cannot return the deposit if we both do not reach an agreement. In event of extreme weather situation
(like sandstorm or other,
that makes the job impossible), the deposit will be returned.
For unexpected events that prevent the photoshoot from happening (couple breaking up; kid refusing to take part in photoshoot, etc.)
We do not return the deposit.
For serious health problems or loss of a family member, deposit is returned.

You are expected to be ready in your photoshoot clothes, when we meet for the photoshoot.
Before the start of the photo session you have to be ready. You may have a few minutes to change clothes during the session,
but if it takes
longer than 10 minutes for each hour of photoshooting, it will then count as a part of the photoshoot session.

All of the locations are within 15 km and transfer time is around 10 minute in each direction.
For any transfers outside of Ayia Napa / Protaras, there is an extra fee for the petrol.
Our vehicle has room for maximum of 4 passengers excluding the driver.
The car has Air Conditioning and we also offer fresh water during the photoshoot.
If a child is taking part in the photoshoot, please inform me in advance
and we arrange a baby chair to be secured in the car.
If you do not request in advance from us to bring baby chair, we cannot transfer the children to the desired locations
so only adults will travel with us or the photoshoot can take place only in the area of your
hotel or around the meeting point. Please note, a kid/infant with
a baby chair in the car takes space for one adult.
Due to law restrictions in Cyprus, it is forbidden to drive the kid on parents’ knees.

We do not take responsibility for any personal damage, loss or life danger at any location or situation.
We may give advise, but we do not take decisions. Each Photoshoot process is very individual. We have First Aid certificate.
Please, remember to stay focused in any situation because some places can even be dangerous.
In case customers are not feeling well or cannot control themselves, everybody would be in risk of
danger and our equipment may get damaged. Then we would have the right to quit the photo shoot,
keep the deposit and ask for further compensation. So it is important to be aware of your surroundings and of
any risks when venturing to these locations. Consuming alcohol during the photoshoot is forbidden,
exception would be of a Wedding with reasonable limits.

In case the photo session is delayed or takes longer than previously agreed, every half hour would be charged.
There might not be a chance to have longer sessions because of other bookings.
Please, do not worry – We are very fair, and give the most attention for our customers and to make them happy.
We always give our best to them but we also have to follow a busy schedule.

At the end of the photoshoot, we will bring you back to the location where we picked you up from or to a close location nearby.
Then we would agree on when, where and how you will receive the products of our work.
The final payment has to be completed on the day of the photoshoot. Also there is an option to complete the payment on the next
meeting in case the photos are delivered on physical device like DVD/USB flash drive.

Product you receive:
1. All non-edited photos.
2. Edited photos. / case of Video – 1. Ceremony Video 2. Highlights Video
All photos are edited using various professional image processing software.
All images are in JPEG format in 42 MP /24MP/ 12 MP resolution. The final videos are delivered in MP4 – H264 Full HD or 4k very common Format.
We can give you all non-edited photos on the day of the photoshoot or before the day you fly back home.
If you stay 3-4 days more after the photoshoot – We could give you all photos (edited and non-edited) depending on the package size as well.
If we deliver the edited photos before your departure, then the photographer will select the shots for editing.

If photos are delivered online, then you can choose what photos to be edited and only send me the image numbers.
You’ll get advice about how to get ready yourself for the photoshoot and also about how to select the best shots after the photoshoot in case you’ll select them.
Photos and videos can be delivered online /or physically on a DVD or USB, depending on your package.
If you wish to get the media on a USB drive stick but you do not have one, there is extra charge for €10. (above 3hr Packages is included in the price)

The media can also be delivered online through Google Drive
(only Google Drive no other file exchange system – we have a prepaid account there)
and all photos can be sent to you in their original resolution.
We always delete the RAW Files 1 week after the photos are proceeded.
Then we keep back-up of all shootings for between 2 weeks to 2 months in case you lose your files.

Our main priority is to keep all customers satisfied. If we fail in your expectations,
please contact us before leaving a negative feedback on the social media or elsewhere and
we will do our best to compensate you for your discomfort.

We try to answer all emails and
messages within 48 hours. For any inquiries, please quote your booking details when you contact us!

If you wish to have a written agreement between both sides in order to feel secure,
feel free to print off this form and we can sign it on the day of the shooting

Photographer Name & Signature: ________ _________ ………………………………………

Date/Location: ………………… / …………………

Customer Name & Signature: _________ __________………………………………………………….

Date/Location: ……………… / ………………….

Best regards,

Nagy Sándor – Alexander,
Photographer & Videographer

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