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The media is delivered online directly to your email / whatupp / viber by custom link through google drive which will be available for limited time only, usually 30 days or in case of the final files 7 days.

It’s your responsibility to download all the media and duplicate them.

We can’t be hold responsible if you forget to download the prepared media.

To downloading videos please follow the same method and if your system shows any messages about possible danger of viruses due to the big file size than please ignore it just proceed and give time for the download to be finished. The video file can be really huge over 10 GB. Depending on your internet speed the download can be from 20 minutes up to several hours.

We are offering video instructions for downloading all your files here:

on I phone

On I-Phone use “SEND A COPY” than Select “SAVE IMAGE” in order to download the files. On I-phone you are able to download only the files one by one. If you got any issues please download GOOGLE DRIVE free app from the Apples Apps store and log in with google account , this may help to sort out any issues.

on Android


On Windows

More video tutorial about downloading

Once you downloaded your images you may need to unpack them from the archive. All files are in original high resolution. If you haven’t got application which opens archives we advice you to download the following app: WINRAR (in case you are using Apple product try to search for similar applications)

In order to view the images correctly we advice the following:

  • Download the images first in order to view them in high resolution
  • Set your monitor / smartphone to standard color mode
  • Turn off Night mode (Blue Light filter)
  • View the media with applications which are using the system default calibrated color.
  • Photos/ Videos are corrected on a professional color calibrated screen which is set to SRGB/REC709 or P3 Standard. All the images should look color accurate on most of the devices including APPLE Mac Book / I-Phone

Suggested Photo Viewers for windows:


Paid: (as well is available on Mac OS)