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Shortfilm about a story played in Ayia Napa Cyprus.

2019 / 2020

Lenght: 7:54 Minutes


Directed by: Nagy Sándor & László Váradi

Camera: Nagy Sándor,  Alexander Váradi, Niky Effect

Sound: George Theodoulou

Edit: Nagy Sándor

Main characters:

Mirko: Nagy Sándor
Zhanna: Martyna Zalewska
Oleg: Alexander Váradi


Palaraga – Morning Theme
“Ataraxia” (2018)
Written by Sergejs Prishvins

Palaraga – Your Devil
“Your Devil” (2019)
Written by Sergejs Prishvins

Palaraga – Artificial Intelligence
“Ataraxia” (2018)

Written by Sergejs Prishvins

and other music artists.


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