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Recommended Hotels in Protaras

Recommendations on the Hotels with the best feedback from our Customers.

Protaras often called as more calm and Family orientated city comparing it to the most popular near by destination city of Ayia Napa, how ever even in Ayia Napa there are benefits to be on holiday with family. The best is to experience both and than choose which is your favourite, for sure both destinations has got lot to offer for family holidays or for honeymoon or for a wedding trip!

Both locations are very secure and in both locations are more and less noisy areas as well more and less busy hotels.

Enjoy our recommendations:

  1. Vangelis Hotel & Suites
  2. Cavo Maris Beach Hotel
  3. Sunrise Pearl Hotel & Spa
  4. Bohemian Gardens Hotel
  5. Malama Beach Holiday Village

Video about Vangelis Hotel & Suites: