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After the Photoshoot or Filming

Photo selection:


You get all the images taken within 24 hours as they are shot. Not all the professionals like to share their out of camera work, but I personally believe there is nothing to be ashamed of, and I like to give to my customers the freedom of choice in case you would like to make up your photo selection to choose alone which photos to be edited. Also is important to note that these photos are straight out of the camera, some may look good some may not, but they are all untouched, so if you wanna share a final result than please wait the processed ones. 

The link with all the photos expires within 30 days! So please make sure you download it back it up and as well you select your favourites and sending me back the file numbers. In case you changed your mind and you prefer that I select the ones they will be edited, please inform me about.

Please mind the framing and the note that the focus can’t be changed in post so select the ones you like most but in the same time they are optically looks fine as well on big screen, please use tablets or pc/laptop screen- monitor while checking as on the small screen the files are not so visible in detail.

In the selected list the photo file numbers should be written and sent me back.  Please only send me the numbers not the photos alone because we do work from the original raw files not the jpeg photo format.

Music Selection for the Highlights video: 


If you select any famous song for your video which is popular on youtube or other social media platform than there is a high possibility that it can be blocked/muted after sharing it online, there for if you like to share your video online we suggest you to choose from this music portal any song you do like:

We are paid members and we can license any song you like for your video. In this way your video will be not banned or muted after uploaded to social media.

Also we have our own playlist of the most popular songs from our experience from the mentioned music portal:

Please Note:

Once your video is designed for the selected song and due of copyright issues you are not able to share it so you are forced to change the music in your highlights than note that your video will not be changed. Each highlights video is designed to the selected music tempo so or select same exact rhythm of the music or if you wanna change your video to the new song than it will be possible only for an additional cost. We advice to choose copyright free song to avoid any complications. We know that can be difficult to find the right song for your video if you are fine with it we can select for you the song which may fit best for the video while we cutting it.


About the full wedding video: 

For the full wedding video is not necessary to choose copyright free music unless you wanna share it as well online. Basically I always require from my customers to send me their favourite songs from youtube via direct link so I can download it and use it at the parts where is better to use music over the original sound.