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Camera buying guide for Amateurs & Professionals

As professional photographer I suggest to buy camera considering the following:

-Are you willing to buy camera for: Photography? Video? Both?

-What light will be available on the location?

-Are you planning to capture moving objects / sports, events?

-What focal length you will need to cover? macro or standard (24-70mm) or distance (70-200 or more) you want to cover all ? what lenses will you need?

-What about post production? how match are your budget on software / hardware and education investments?

-Will you record sound?

-Maybe a new smart phone enough?

Suggestion for beginner photographers or Bloggers who need also record sounds and wanna have reliable and half professional/ Professional camera on good budget I suggest to check out these models:

For choosing action camera I suggest to watch the following video:

One of the best ever video camera for low light:

Suggestion for ultra zoom cameras for travelling:

Suggest to check out this video in which some of the best phones from 2020 are compared with an amazing Canon mirrorless camera:

The Drones I do recommend are DJI,  they are not perfect often having problem with batteries and there are other issues … how ever I still can’t find better brand by drones as DJI, my favorite model is the latest AIR pro 2s.